Hungry Shark World Full Specifications And Tricks

A Review Of The Hungry Shark World Game

Hungry Shark World Game preserves the visual charm of its predecessors and is replete with full 3d color usage that explicitly emphasizes the underwater or seaside environment. The developer has done a commendable job in simulating a natural aquatic environment, full of darker shades and abundantly occurring marine life wandering around in the seas. There is a realistic portrayal of the corresponding life and aquatic scenes. Moreover, both the scenes supplement each other well. The animations are quite glossy. Building the entire set up is done proficiently with a keen eye towards meeting all the details. Thus this game presents a mouthwatering treat for the gamers; be it novices or veterans.

Mechanism of playing

The basic mechanism of playing this game is quite easy to comprehend, especially for those who have played the original.

  • You embark on your journey as a small pup shark and eat the food of different varieties to become a massive killing machine.
  • Control Sea beasts with the help of two main virtual buttons: use one as a joystick, and the other is a boost button, which gives your shark short-term vitality. Your shark has a life-bar that is continuously consumed by just swimming around without consuming any food.
  • If the bar gets completely depleted, the shark meets his death. So consuming food is the only way to keep the life-bar up.

Eating stuff in this game

hungry shark tips

As your shark moves around, it is consistently on the lookout to consume smaller fishes and morsels.

  • The fishes though are intelligent enough to avoid the shark, so you have to be crafty, quick of hand and ready to utilize that boost capability periodically.
  • Some creatures bite, others sting back. Some objects are toxic, while some things are just bigger.
  • Only bigger sharks can overcome some of the stuff in the game. Thus you have to do all this keeping yourself alive while simultaneously carrying out tasks like looking for gold.

Involvement of Parental Guidance

Parents need to be aware of the fact that Hungry Shark World is a game where you control a shark and make it bigger by killing and consuming sea creatures and people.

  • To keep on surviving, sharks must be mobile and always eat. The highest-value targets are humans.
  • Both sea creatures and humans bleed when attacked. Human attacks lead to screaming and crunching sounds.
  • It is feasible to play without incurring any expenditure, but free gameplay involves watching lots of commercials for other apps,

Appeal of this game

It is an excellent game to play with hilarious graphics and sharks. I enjoyed playing this game immensely, and I sincerely hope everybody enjoys playing it as much as me. There is an online tool named hungry shark world cheats which gives you unlimited gems and coins. But it is a fake link. It is essentially an excellent game, but at times they were a lot of bugs rendering playing the game unplayable. I thoroughly recommend this game if you are on the lookout of having some fun. It is truly in every sense of the word, a magnificent game.

Simcity Buildit Major Features And Advantages

simcity buildit guide

A walk through with SimCity BuildIt for increasing size of the city

I am a fan of this attractive And Constructive Simcity Buildit Game that lets me build and manage a city. This is an enjoyable, fun sport for mobile gamers. There are visuals which are quite impressive. It is a play which can be started very quickly. I can build my own beautiful, vibrant city where citizens will prosper. The more my city grew, the more I required managing the resources tactfully. The factories set up at the basic level serve as the building block for laying down the foundation to set up more exceptional items. For upgrade of residences, all these steps are necessary. The more you advance in the sport, the more you will require fire, police and other utility services. The placement of those departments is an important aspect of strategic zoning.

Playing Experience

The most thrilling part of this sport is the ability to take strategic decisions regarding placement of buildings. The same rule is applicable for setting up of cultural landmarks, parks, and recreational facilities. Other utility services are also needed for expansion of town and building more houses such as power and sewage. For playing This Game, you would require lots of Simcash to do all the work but use game tricks to generate free simoleons. This is very easy to follow and is available free of cost. It is interesting to note that when this game evolved as a free to play model my expectations were not that high. However, a closer look revealed it has a fair monetization model.

Playing This Game As An Effective Mayor

Freemium timers are acceptable to me, and the depth of this game keeps me hooked so as to attain the objective of growing my town and all the services needed to maintain the population of the city happy. Once I had downloaded it, I had not been to let go of it. Another component of this game that is endearing is that this metropolis simulator game has no sexual content or language. As a parent, I need not worry about these aspects. This game is dependent a lot on small transactions. Steady supplies are needed to continue with this match. Those can be created, but maybe you have to wait a bit for that. Some of the impatient grownups and kids may try to hasten the process by spending real money. However exercising a bit of patience helps in this matter. Parents can always disable this purchase option by making adjustments in device settings.

I have played quite a few games on Android. In the computer simulation category, this is the so far the best. The very idea to build a metropolis from scratch, organize it according to your desire and then run it the way you want is an amazing thing to do. The incorporation of the element of responsibility makes the game more challenging at the same time.  All the buildings have a realistic touch, and the cutting edge animations manage to make the game more convincing. For a city building fan like me, this is thoroughly a fun experience.